The Central Okanagan Land Trust is one part of a global network, doing its part at the regional level. Like other members of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia we work toward a collective view that holds biodiversity in high regard and collaborates to find ways to ensure a healthy province through regional action steps. The lands we work to preserve help to bolster our local biodiversity while, at the same time, bringing us valuable nature preserves for further study and research and community parkland for the enjoyment of all. Increasingly, scientific studies point to the value of biodiversity to the planet’s long-term health and, accordingly, to the quality of life across the world’s food chains. Broad studies point to the importance of global perspectives, but more and more studies recognize the need to care for local and regional wildlife habitat and natural landscapes as critical elements in a healthy world.

Behind this work is a body of scientific data that broadly guides our efforts and strengthens our goals. Whether it be ecosystem diversity, species diversity, genetic diversity and their related elements such as pollination or migration routes, the work of groups such as Biodiversitybc help promote an expanding capacity to respect the natural resources we have. That respect begs our action today in new an encouraging ways that hold collaboration and partnerships as key vehicles for successful projects. The Central Okanagan Land Trust works with other local and provincial Land Trust organizations and with local government and other community groups and agencies to play our part in these wider goals.

The Okanagan region, with its semi-arid environment, has many unique elements of biodiversity that are worthy of preservation. Wetlands are increasingly at risk in the area as are the wonderful pocket grasslands and open parkland vegetation that give the Okanagan much of its distinct look and feel. Many of these areas contain ‘species at risk’ and, as urban pressures build in the region, we work closely with local government and others to identify and preserve those areas most at risk and of highest value in terms of biodiversity. Ultimately, much of the quality of life we enjoy in the Okanagan Valley turns around the look, feel, and health of the natural landscapes that surround our communities. In this sense, the economic benefits of land conservation and stewardship clearly improve the ‘livability’ of our neighbourhoods and communities. The Central Okanagan Land Trust is the ideal organization to champion the maintenance of those important natural places for their economic, cultural and biological value.

You can play an equally important role by joining us in this good work for your own family’s future and for the health of our Central Okanagan Region.