The Central Okanagan Land Trust is one part of a global network, doing its part at the regional level. Like other members of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia we work toward a collective view that holds biodiversity in high regard and collaborates to find ways to ensure a healthy province through regional action steps. The lands we work to preserve help to bolster our local biodiversity while, at the same time, bringing us valuable nature preserves for further study and research and community parkland for the enjoyment of all. Increasingly, scientific studies point to the value of biodiversity to the planet’s long-term health and, accordingly, to the quality of life across the world’s food chains. Broad studies point to the importance of global perspectives, but more and more studies recognize the need to care for local and regional wildlife habitat and natural landscapes as critical elements in a healthy world. Read More


The acquisition of land is only the first step in the Land Trust’s long-term commitment to land conservation. Preservation, protection and careful management come together in the notion of ‘stewardship’. Land Trust properties and conservation covenants are a legacy for our collective enjoyment and for the benefit of future generations and a healthy planet. Protecting and enhancing the conservation values of lands the Trust acquires is some of the most import work that COLT does. The Trust evaluates every property for its conservation value and for threats to those values. A plan is then developed and implemented and includes annual inspection and monitoring of each property’s flora, fauna, and overall habitat health. Read More