About Us

The Central Okanagan Land Trust (COLT) is the interior’s leading land conservation organization. For more than twenty years we have worked with our partners to acquire natural lands and wildlife habitat through purchase, donation, and conservation covenants. We care for these lands with annual inspection programs and we work in partnership with local governments and local conservation groups to steward these lands in support of a healthy biodiversity in the region.

COLT is a non-profit charitable society seeking to support a healthy environment, preserve wildlife, and maintain critical habitat – and to do this with collaborative partnerships at every opportunity. Those partnerships come in the form of local and provincial government agencies, business, individual donors, foundations, and community conservation groups.

Since 1991, COLT has worked with its partners to preserve more than 800 acres of wildlife habitat in the fragile landscapes of the Central Okanagan. Each element of that work turns around the building of a trust – a trust that places priority on responsible fiscal management, sound scientific advice, careful planning, and an enduring interest in a sustainable balance between healthy natural landscapes and a caring community in the region. Your donations support that work at every step.

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